Our Humble Beginnings

Octavia.tech is a software development company that focuses on health & wellness companies around the world. Andrae Jones, the CEO and Founder, started the company in 2015 after the sudden death of a family member from Steven Johnson Syndrome, a rare disease that is caused after a patient takes a medication they were unaware they were allergic to. After her death, Andrae has devoted his work and company to help health & wellness professionals provide their patients with the best care possible and arm those professionals have the best tools and technology to provide such care. Our goal at Octavia.tech is to help to strengthen the health & wellness profession with using the most up to date technology available. Together, we believe that we can help those in need to enjoy their lives.

Custom Design for Unique Needs

Octavia.tech believes that custom software and web design is the best way to meet the health & wellness professional and their patients. That is why we take pride in making sure that their voice is heard and that their personality shines when the project is complete. We are here to support those hard working professionals to make their work faster and more efficient to avoid the threat of a misdiagnosis, unclear treatment goals and/or malpractice lawsuits.

HIPPA Trained

We understand how important HIPPA is and how it affects the health & wellness profession. That is why, Octavia.tech takes pride on making sure the entire team is HIPPA trained and understand the importance of confidentiality and best practice.

International Company

Octavia.tech is currently based in Tucson, Arizona but is always going and expanding to help more health & wellness professionals with their software and web development needs. We also have office locations in San Diego, California, Seattle, Washington and Qater, Saudi Arabia.

Our Team

Octavia.tech is made up of an amazing team of software and web developers with technical expertise, creativity and visions to help the perfect personalized software or sophisticated websites. Our knowledge base range from HTML5/CCS3 to Python and everything else in between. We work hard to stay apprised of the changing and advancement of technology as well as seeing how that technology is being used around the world. All of this knowledge allows us to cater to our customer’s needs. Our customers not only get a group of smart and caring individuals, but those who genuinely want to help health & wellness companies help their patients to enjoy their lives.